Nicola Gökbuget

Department of Medicine II, Goethe University Hospital, Germany

Nicola Gökbuget is head of the Study Centre of the Department of Haematology/Oncology and the University Cancer Centre (UCT) in Frankfurt, Germany. She is among the UCT Scientific Task Force Directors, the Principal Investigators of the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research and the Frankfurt Cancer Institute.

Since more than 25 years she serves as Coordinator of the German Multicentre Study Group for Adult ALL (GMALL) with more than 140 participating hospitals. She has also founded and established a national ALL registry with an associated biobank. She is coordinating investigator of numerous trials in adult ALL and related diseases.

She is also board member of the German and European Leukaemia Net and founding member of the European Working Group for Adult ALL.

Her scientific interest focuses on clinical research in adult ALL including diagnosis, therapy, MRD based treatment, late effects, quality of life, management of relapsed/resistant disease and evaluation of new drugs.

She has published numerous review articles and original articles on ALL on behalf of the GMALL study group and acted as invited speaker at various international meetings.